Glowmark- WB

  • THE GLOWMARK-WB: New reflective water based road marking material (WBRM) developed to resist the excessive wear and tear.
    • Technically superior to any othera marking
    • Uses a unique formulation which incorporates special additives to help achieve extra durability, abundant glass beads for the shining night reflectivity and rutile titanium dioxide for the dazzling whiteness.
    • Rapid drying facilitating resulting in early opening of the roads, thus minimising disruption to traffic.
    • Markings are not to be replaced as often, minimising disruption to busy highways, roads and junction locations, thus saving both money and time. 
    • Will out-perform other conventional coatings in heavy traffic area.

 More on Water Based Road Marking Compound

  • DESCRIPTION: Glowmark- WB from JAYANTI CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS is water based road marking compound intended to meet the growing needs of traffic engineering and to provide improved safety measures in modern traffic control systems.
  • PRODUCT COMPOSITION: The following comprise the basic composition of Glowmark WB:
    • Aggregate: Specially selected aggregate, pulverised to the required fineness.
    • Extender: Dazzling white calcareous material after proper pulverisation is used to ensure uniformity of colour through even dispersion of pigments.
    • Pigments: A special type of pigment, compatible with the base material and capable of withstanding very high temperature variation is used.
    • Binder : A special formulation of resin is used.
    • Glowmark can be applied on:
      City Roads ( surfaced with bitumen, road tar or concrete )
      • Road Junctions and on Speed Breakers
      • Bridges, Flyovers, and Approach Roads
      • Runways and Helipads & Airport Traffic Control System
      • National & State Highway
    • Long life: Glowmark-WB is highly durable and has a life expectancy of 12 to 24 months compared to 3 to 4 months for conventional cold Material.
    • Reduced cost recurrence: Due to its longevity, maintenance time and expenses get reduced drastically. Conventional Water Based Material needs re-coating every 3 to 4 months.
    • Instant drying: Due to its fast time, traffic can be released within a few minutes of application and hence traffic disruption is ruled out.
    • High visibility: Glossy surface with high retro reflection value ensures high visibility in all types of weather.
    • Good skid resistance: Careful grading of the materials gives the product an intrinsic anti-skid property which is essential for the driver’s safety.
  • APPLICATION METHODOLOGY: The product is formulated for air / airless spray application only. The equipment selected i.e. all the tanks, spray gun, piping, valves, strainers etc. should be grade 304 stainless steel or higher. Confirm the compatibility of the selected equipment with the machine supplier prior to commencement of operations. While thinning is normally not recommended, if required thin sparingly with water. When spraying, prevent air from entering the material system.
    Typically, 350 gms / sqm glass beads are required. The glass beads must be immediately dropped at appropriate pressure for optimum penetration in the stripe thereby ensuring long term retro reflectivity. The glass beads of the specified diameter should only be used. Smaller diameter glass beads would imply the need for a lower WFT thereby reducing the effective service life of the coating. The equipment must be cleaned immediately after use. Tanks, lines and gun should be thoroughly cleaned using clean water. Any Material that has dried and doesn’t readily wash with water can be removed using ketonic solvents.
    • Nature: Liquid at ambient temperature
    • Colour: White or Yellow
    • Gloss: Matt
    • Volume Solids: Approx. 61%
    • Recommended WFT per Coat: 100-500 Microns
    • Theoretical Coverage : 2.1 / kg @ 300 mic
      5 / kg @ 375 mic
    • Drying Time at 30°C: Surface Dry: 10 minutes
    • Recommended drop : BS 6088 type II
      on Glass Beads