Our Products Are:

  • Construction Chemicals.
  • Glowmark (The Hot Applied Thermoplastic┬áRoad Marking Material)

Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

Thermoplastic has long been the preferred road marking material in many countries such as the USA, UK, EUROPE & JAPAN where performance and cost effectiveness have proved their benefits. In India, Liquid paint is fast being replaced by high performance has thermoplastic road markings which have been physico-mechanical properties and more durability in comparison to the commonly used liquid paints.

Reflective Thermoplastic Road Marking Material

This material is recommended for use with the thermoplastic screed application prams, motorized marking machines etc. Our product of reflective screed are ideal for high output marking on highways, airports, city roads etc. Recommended coverage: 4.5 kg/m2 (on smooth surface at 2.5 mm thickness)

Product Specifications

  • White reflective TRM (glowmark)
  • Yellow reflective TRM (glowmark)
  • Primer
  • TRM Applicators

Methods of Application

Before application the surface should be thoroughly dry, free from dust, rust moisture, grease, oil, loose particles or earlier coating, all road surface repairs should be carried out before applying the thermoplastic materials. The material is preheated to around (1800c ┬▒ 100c) and transferred into the machine. it reaches the surface by gravity and glass beads can be super imposed through dispenser or manual spray for reflectivity alternatively, the materials are screed out from a large motorized machine as well. Normal application thickness is 2.5 mm as per M.O.S.T (India) IVth revision specification. The use of the suitable primer is recommended when thermoplastic marking material are to be applied to the concrete surfaces.


Supplied in powder form the material is packed in HDFE/LDPE bags or as per requirement. Standard packing size is 25 kg in HDFE/LDPE bags.


This material is best kept at ambient conditions in a cool dry and well ventilated place. The shelf life of the product in the above mentioned condition is upto the one year approximately.

Handling Precautions

During handling maximum precautions should be taken keep the bag tightly sealed, when not in use. Keep the material away from the ignition sources. Safety goggles & protective gloves should be worn during application.

Material Specifications

Our thermoplastic road marking material products confirm to the specifications laid down by the Indian Roads Congress and Ministry of Surface Transport Road Wing, Govt. of India (M.O.S.T. 803.4), and the British Standard 3262. In addition, We can formulate the material to meet Individual specifications and climatic conditions.